We provide comprehensive representation in all areas of individual and business immigration, citizenship and related matters. Our clients include

  • individuals who come to the United States with different types of visas and are willing to change their status or establish permanent presence here
  • business entities and employees of international companies who pursue investment, business or employment opportunities in the U.S.

We understand how much people put on the map when they decide to come to another country whether for personal or professional reasons. Our clients are guaranteed that they can obtain honest advice in any circumstances and their rights and interests are aggressively represented and protected. Our services include, but not limited to:

  • Family-based immigration
  • Employment-based immigration
  • Investment-based immigration
  • Business immigration
  • Permanent residence based on extraordinary ability in business, academia, science, sports, arts, entertainment, and other professional fields
  • Asylum/Refugee
  • All types of non-immigrant visas:
    • business visitors and tourists (B visas);
    • academic and vocational students and their families (F and M visas);
    • exchange visitors (J visas);
    • fiancé(e)s of the US citizens and their unmarried children (K visa);
    • temporary workers (H visas);
    • intra-company transferee (L visas);
    • religious servants (R visas);
    • people with extraordinary abilities, their families and support personnel (O visas);
    • internationally recognized athletes, entertainers and artists, their families and support personnel (P visas);
    • family members of lawful permanent residents (V visas);
    • treaty traders, investors, their families and employees (E visas);
    • ambassadors, diplomats, officials and employees of foreign governments, their families and associates (A visas);
    • foreign media representatives (I visas).
  • Corporate immigration planning and strategy
  • Naturalization and Citizenship

If somebody wishes to visit, study, work or live in the United States we are here to make his/her dreams come true smoothly and expeditiously. We keep our clients fully informed about U.S. immigration laws and procedures, helping them to make calculated decisions instead of uneducated guesses and costly mistakes. Most importantly, we help our clients to save time, fruitless efforts and money, and ensure that they are on the right path to the happy and rewarding future in the USA.

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