We live in the age of globalization. Very often people can offer the benefits of their business ventures or professional services to a much wider range of customers/clients than their domestic markets. U.S. market is one of the most lucrative in the world, both because of the growth opportunities it offers to the companies and because of the buying power of its consumers. For these reasons many foreign companies, entrepreneurs and professionals are looking to the United States as a dream place to establish their business presence.

U.S. Immigration laws are very favorable to the people who are eager and ready to use their resources, knowledge, skills and abilities for the development of the country’s economy. The companies who seek to bring foreign employees to the United States most commonly use the following visa categories – B-1 (or a visa waiver program for some qualified individuals), H1-B, E, O, P, TN and L. After initially obtaining a temporary non-immigrant visa in one of those categories, if a foreign national has the right combination of skills, education, work experience and is otherwise eligible, later he/she may be able to obtain a permanent resident status (otherwise known as Green Card) in the United States.

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