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In order to promote the progress of science and useful arts and give the people incentive to create and commercially leverage their works, U.S. Copyright law protects the exclusive rights of the creators of the work, which is subject to copyright.

Having all the right kinds of contracts in place ensures that business is conducted smoothly, protects from unexpected liability, prevents misunderstandings and arguments between the parties and helps to avoid protracted and costly litigation. Thus, I present you with the list of the

If you are not going to conduct business from your place of living, most likely you will face a decision about the leasing an office, store or storage space. The landlord-tenant relationship is multifaceted and long-term; accordingly the leasing process may be complex and arduous. The commercial real estate lease is a long document bringing together numerous rights and obligations of the parties in an attempt to govern their long-term relationships

If your business can benefit from professional services of somebody other than yourself, you face a decision whom better to hire – an employee or an independent contractor. There are substantial differences between your obligations and liability for their actions. Also the courts and IRS are guided by certain principles, which I review below, when determining whether an individual,

Business Structure

People establish new business ventures being led by various objectives and goals. The efficiency of one business form or another depends on the nature of the business and its methods of transactions and operations.