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The business owners may wish to buy commercial real estate as a place of operations for their businesses or for the investment purposes. It can be any commercial space – an office, store, warehouse, restaurant and many others. The business owners should determine, considering their resources, type of business,

It is important for business owners to understand some core concepts of the business law. Entrepreneurs can get themselves in trouble when they don’t familiarize themselves with the legal field in which they operate. The company’s finances can take a hit if they have to defend against a lawsuit. With that said, one of the

In the previous post we reviewed  U.S. product liability law and who may be held liable for the unsafe products. The product liability law covers a wide range of market participants, not only a direct seller or manufacturer and a customer. Nevertheless, companies can successfully manage the degree of their exposure.

The rights and interests of consumers are protected on both state and federal levels. There are multiple laws governing various industries to ensure that rights of consumers, fair trade practices and competition are duly observed and the truthful information is freely disclosed and exchanged in the marketplace. Federal, state and

Regulatory compliance is the term generally used to describe the policies and processes, which companies have in place to ensure that they follow the laws, rules and regulations applicable to their industry and jurisdiction. Since there is an extensive variety of federal, state and local laws and regulations, Congress created