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Financing in the United States can take different forms. The most common are personal assets, private loans, commercial bank borrowings and equity or debt offerings. Personal assets are limited. Not everybody has connections to high-net-worth individuals, wealthy friends and family members to get private loans. Bank

An extremely important matter in connection with selling goods in the United States is the law of secured transactions. Generally, a seller in the United States does not retain legal title in the goods sold even if he has not yet received the full purchase price.  After the execution of the purchase agreement, legal title

Nowadays more and more businesses are established online. The predictions are that in the nearest future even less people will be attached to the physical location of their offices or stores. Internet allows great flexibility, less start-up and operational costs, much wider outreach to markets, consumers and professionals,

U.S. banking system is the largest and most diversified in the world. Both national and foreign banks are present in the U.S. market. Commercial banks, investment banks, savings banks, savings and loan associations, credit unions, leasing companies, finance companies and factoring companies, that provide

In the previous post I reviewed U.S. taxation rules for businesses. Generally taxes are calculated based on net income. Net income is gross income minus allowed expenses and adjustments. The tax rates differ depending on the net taxable income. The most common deductions are various business expenses, losses,

Selling imported goods within the United States can be a very profitable business venture. There is always high demand on new or improved products in any category, from food to furniture. Especially since a number of different national communities in the U. S. is far greater than in most other countries, those nationals