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If you are involved in the business of selling goods in the United States, your commercial activities are governed by both common contractual law and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). UCC is a set of the laws relating to commercial transactions. It modernizes contract law and allows certain exceptions from the common

The owner of the Intellectual Property (“IP”), whether it’s copyright, trademark, or patent, is entitled to take full advantage of his creation or acquisition. First of all, he has an exclusive right to use his work unrestrictedly and develop future products/services based on it. He can legally prohibit others from using his work without his

Human resources and employment are regulated 
by both federal and state statutes and regulations. U.S. employment laws cover almost every aspect of the employment relationship, from hiring to firing and beyond. There are rules regarding recruiting, hiring, pay, leaves of absence, safety, taxes, immigration, background

The entrepreneurs may prefer to buy an already existing company instead of starting a new one. It allows them to avoid dealing with star-up matters and to acquire a developed business entity with existing reputation, connections, contracts, and customer base. But the main issue in this situation is the risk of inheriting not only the

How many things we enjoy today have begun with just an idea.  Great business empires were built because of successful business principles and strategies, which benefit many generations. Innovation is a key to dynamic economy. Sound public policy seeks to encourage invention of new products,

Entrepreneurs put lots of effort, time and money into establishing and developing their businesses. After creating something special, they want to be sure that they and those approved by them will be the only beneficiaries of their hard work.